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its all fun, just don't take it too seriously and anyone can have fun. best to play with friends who also don't take it too seriously. vigorm0rtis 10 years ago 6. SMGs are arguably king in this game, so if you like them, you're in good shape.

I prefer Treyarch's games to IW because there's less of an emphasis on streaks. MW games also don't even make an effort at balance-- which isn't all bad. flame 10 years ago 7.

Pros 1. New create-a-class to offer more customization. Create an emblem is much bigger and better than BOps1's and offers customization 3. Most weapons can level up and "prestige" twice, and every weapon, including the combat knife, can have special camos.

New look, new feel in the game's pace and mechanics. Cons 1. Maps are generally small, which makes spawns often end up in terrible positions 2. SMG's usually are the best bet to go with due to the small map sizes 3.

If you didn't lag much in MW3, you'll very likely lag a ton here. They'll add a mode, then remove it 3 weeks later for no apparent reason. They also removed a ton of modes from past games including Barebones and Team Tactical. There's much more to it, but this is a small sample of the biggest pros and cons.

SergioMach5 10 years ago 8. I will try to keep a balance between the multiplayer systems, but I would strongly urge you to check out MW2, its miles ahead of MW3 in many ways. Black Ops -Pros- Pick 10 system-MW3 had a restrictive feel of choice in comparison to the free choice Treyarch implemented, and MW3 feels stale when compared to MW2 Perk Balance-sure toughness and dexterity are used a lot, but nothing is gamebreakingly bad.

MW3 has useless perks Blast shield, scavenger and arguably overkill and overpowered perks Assassin Weapon Balance-Nothing in BO2 seems to stick out like a sore thumb the way the type 95 or MP7 did in MW3, and if they did, they got nerfed PDW and FAL for example Scorestreak system-BO2 truly kicks MW3's ass with this system.

Objective play and enemy dominance reward you more fairly than MW3 could ever do. Add in that the streaks dont stack from kills, and you have a system that isnt gamebreaking.

map design-BO2 wins only because MW3 had spectacularly bad maps and with little imagination. BO2 at least added in elements such as the train in express -cons- too many options? MW3 had the same problem with unnecessary add ons like proficiencies. connection-MW2 was absolutely perfect with connection, and the games have only got worse with lag since, though BO2 still is good when the 4 bar connections are in your field of play.

harder to game the system-if you are the type that likes to beat someone through the games mechanics as opposed to being able to strategise with weapons then MW3 would be better. You cant stack streaks, use overpowered perks, weapons or attachments in BO2, and sometimes its a bad thing.

Often though it is not. So in final analysis, keep with BO2, though I recommend if you are getting a modern warfare game for online, get the second. CoD4 is hacked to bits and MW3 is flat out not fun to play. hope it helps. BO2 doesn't really have any advantages over the MW games besides being the latest and newest game.

Despite having significantly more players, it struggles with latency and matchmaking more than either MW2 or post-patch MW3. People make the unobservant remark that Pick 10 allows for a greater degree of customization when it really doesn't—the good classes Pick 10 produces are extremely similar because the perks are so weak, and there's no opportunity cost to stop you from just picking the most favorable options instead of your perks defining your class's purpose and your playstyle just as much as your gun.

One thing Pick 10 is really good at is making gimmick classes that aren't good—in MW2, you can make gimmick classes that are actually also effective. Still, Pick 10 is kind of fun to play around with. I also hate to say this, but I also don't see how you can claim BO2 isn't killstreak-focused unless you don't regularly get VSATs and up, because if you can get them you'd know there's no surer way to win than by crushing the opposing team with VSATs, Lodestars, Swarms, etc.

vigorm0rtis 10 years ago Zero IX posted I also hate to say this, but I also don't see how you can claim BO2 isn't killstreak-focused unless you don't regularly get VSATs and up It seems overall that fewer people get streaks.

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